The Fondation Prospective et Innovation, created in 1989 by René Monory, then President of the French Senate, and François Dalle, CEO of L’Oréal, is today chaired by Jean-Pierre Raffarin, Chairman of the Foreign affairs and defense committee of the French Senate and former French Prime Minister.

Recognized as a public-interest organization, its aims is to anticipate evolutions to come and to promote renewal on every scale, from global governance to local innovation.

The Foundation carries on its missions while working more specifically on the emergence world which represents the dominant feature of today’s era. China’s evolution holds a major place in this process, along with Africa, Brazil or Vietnam. The programs conducted for emerging countries are maintained on the long run (3/4 years) and are characterized by multidisciplinary with economic considerations. Therein, it acts to encourage and support French SME and ETI in reaching internationalization.




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