Created in 1989 by René MONORY, former Chairman of the French Senate and former Minister, and François DALLE, former Chairman of L’Oréal, the Fondation Prospective et Innovation is recognized as a public-interest organization. It is today chaired by Jean-Pierre RAFFARIN, former Prime minister, Honorary Member of the French Parliament.

Its purpose is to improve awareness and future-oriented thinking on the transformations of the contemporary world, in order to help social actors, from government to individuals, to react according to these evolutions. Moreover, it promotes renewal on every scale, from global governance to local innovation.

It endeavours to provide the French decision-makers an international lighting on strategic matters. It facilitates contacts between young French professionals and their counterparts in emerging countries. It supports the efforts of companies, particularly medium or intermediate sized companies, in their efforts to penetrate new major markets. 

It gathers specialists and business leaders, experts and politicians from different horizons in appropriate working frameworks for relevant proposals.

Therefore, the Foundation carries on its missions while working more specifically on the emergence world which represents the dominant feature of today’s era. China’s evolution holds a major place in this process, along with countries like Brazil, Vietnam and the African continent. The programs conducted for emerging countries are maintained on the long run (3/4 years) and are characterized by multidisciplinary with economic considerations. 


Upcoming events

24th to the 26th of January 2018: Forum International Private Equity Market (IPEM), in partnership with EUROPEXPO (Cannes, France).

The third edition of the International Forum on Private Equity will be held in Cannes from the 24th to the 26th of January 2018 and will gather global players of Private Equity. This form of financing interests France because it meets the needs of its SME and ITE, which can penetrate major markets. Moreover, it is an opportunity for the Foundation to continue its relationships with emerging countries, such as China, and the African continent.

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